About Resurgens

About the Company:
The Resurgens Theatre Company produces the plays of Shakespeare’s contemporaries (Marlowe, Jonson, Middleton, Fletcher, etc.) through an enhanced prosodic approach to verse-speaking. We frequently employ “original practices” as a means to augment our performative efforts; however, we do not attempt to recreate an “authentic” Renaissance experience on a twenty-first-century stage. This is neither possible nor, from our perspective, desirable. Instead, we seek to explore the complex, aesthetically charged dialogue between Elizabethan/Jacobean verse dramas and their poetic/rhetorical trans-historical resonances—to revitalize “scores for lost voices,” we would say. So, rather than offer a museum piece constructed solely to satisfy academic curiosity, we look to engender a lively artistic engagement with the present moment—a present moment filtered through the production modes of the past. And for our shows, those practices may include any or all of the following elements: audience interaction, judicious editing, minimalist staging, organic music, original pronunciation, Renaissance costuming, same-sex casting, thematic doubling, uninterrupted performances, and universal lighting.


About the Artistic Director:
Dr. Brent Griffin is the former director of the English Literature Program at Florida State University’s London Study Centre and managing editor of the Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies. A past member of the research staff at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, he remains involved with experimental work regarding the techniques of verse-speaking in the plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. He regularly performs in Shakespeare companies throughout the region, and holds a Ph.D. in Renaissance drama and performance studies from FSU. At present, he serves as an assistant professor on the faculty of the Department of English at the newly consolidated University of North Georgia.

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